Everyone has the right to ride in safety for work, sport or play. 

Big Canberra Bike Ride participants can help us achieve our aim of creating a safer bike riding environment in the ACT and nationally by fundraising for the Amy Gillett Foundation

The Amy Gillett Foundation is a charity with one purpose - reducing the incidence of death and injury of bike riders. The Foundation was born out of the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit and killed by an out-of-control motorist whilst cycling in Germany.

AGF's mission: safe cycling in Australia
AGF's vision: zero bike rider fatalities

Learn how your fundraising efforts will make a difference in achieving this mission and vision.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.  


As Australia’s leading cycling safety organisation, the Amy Gillett Foundation’s sole focus is cycle safety. Their signature achievement has been minimum overtaking distance legislation – better known as “a metre matters.Their work continues to promote actions to make cycling safer in Australia, such as:

• a metre matters laws across Australia, to make sure drivers pass cyclists safely

• safer vehicles and safer speeds

• investing in cycling infrastructure

• educating cyclists to respect and obey road laws and be safe and responsible road users

• teaching drivers how to share the road safely with bicycles, including during driver education.