Rider pack collection

Rider pack collection will take place on Saturday February 17 at Rond Terrace. 

Late registration will also be available at this time.

Rider pack collection will also be available at the event hub at Rond Terrace from 6:00am on the day of the Big Canberra Bike Ride 2018.


Road safety

  • All riders must obey Australian Road Rules.
  • The Big Canberra Bike Ride is an open road event. After the first 7kms has been completed during the 120km, 68km and 20km rides, riders will be sharing the road with other traffic. The 5km ride takes place on closed roads in its entirety.
  • Riders will also be sharing the road with other participants of differing abilities, so please be aware of your fellow riders.
  • Keep to the left to allow motor vehicles to overtake.
  • Keep a safe distance from those in front.
  • Riders should move off the road before dismounting their bike.
  • Riders must wear an Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet.
  • Participants must ride in single file where appropriate and no more than two abreast unless overtaking.
  • Pass only on the right of other riders.
  • Clearly indicate your intentions to other riders and road users, ie. slowing down, changing directions and stopping.
  • Take care as other traffic may be travelling at high speeds.
  • Private support vehicles are not permitted along the route. Vehicles belonging to family and friends must use an alternative route to the finish.
  • Police will be patrolling the route and any riders found to be riding outside the road rules will be subject to penalties under the Australian Road Rules. 
  • Be sociable and safe.


Signage and Marshals

  • From start to finish there will be clear directional arrows and signage marking the route.
  • Signs will also indicate when you are approaching a refreshment station.
  • There will be marshals (wearing fluorescent vests) along the route, riding bicycles and in vehicles, as well as at stationary posts. All volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable. The marshals do not have the authority to stop motorists; they are there for your safety and that of other road users. Please listen to and follow their instructions.