Rider Information


Rider packs


On the day

Registered riders can collect their ride packs at the event hub at Rond Terrace on Saturday from 12 - 4 pm and from 6 am on the day of the ride.

Please bring your Australian Standards-approved bike helmet - you'll need to show this to collect your rider pack! 

Late registration will also be available at these times. On-day registrations close 15 min prior to the start time of each ride.


Remember this event is a non-competitive participation ride to allow as many people as possible to experience riding in Canberra - it is not a race or a time trial. Although the start of the ride uses closed roads, you will alos be riding on or crossing public roads with other traffic. When you are riding on public roads and must obey the road rules (see Event Rules below).


There are three aid stations on the 120km course:

  • Uriarra Homestead
  • Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve
  • Cotter Road (across from the Cotter Campground)

There are two aid stations on the 68km course:

  • Uriarra Homestead
  • Cotter Road (across from the Cotter Campground)

On the 20km course there is an aid station at Yarralumla Bay and water available at a number of locations along the shared path.


120km Please watch for wildlife through Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

120km & 68km Exercise caution at the intersection of Coppins Crossing and William Hovell Road as there is a limited bike lane and road works. Please be cautious at the steep descents at Coppins Crossing and Uriarra Crossing.


In the case of an emergency, please use the Incident contact numbers on your maps.  If the incident is life threatening, please phone 000 and let the operator know you are with the event.

We have first aid officers roaming the course to assist you if required.

The police will be out and about today checking on your riding and other road users.  If we see you not obeying the road rules, including not wearing a helmet, we will remove you from the event.


You should be carrying your own mechanical repair kits. We do have mechanics from Cycle City on hand to assist you in the event village and out on the course. 


An adult must accompany participants under 16.  If you are with children, please make sure you ride with them.


All riders must obey Australian Road Rules. Riders must wear an Australian Standards approved bicycle helmet.

The Big Canberra Bike Ride is an open road event. After the first 7 kms has been completed during the 120 km, 68 km and 20 km rides, riders will be sharing the road with other traffic. The 5 km ride takes place on closed roads in its entirety.

Riders will also be sharing the road with other participants of differing abilities, so please be aware of your fellow riders.

Keep to the left to allow motor vehicles to overtake. Keep a safe distance from those in front.

Riders should move off the road before dismounting their bike.

Participants must ride in single file where appropriate and no more than two abreast unless overtaking. Pass only on the right of other riders.

Clearly indicate your intentions to other riders and road users, ie. slowing down, changing directions and stopping.

Take care as other traffic may be travelling at high speeds.

Private support vehicles are not permitted along the route. Vehicles belonging to family and friends must use an alternative route to the finish.

Police will be patrolling the route and any riders found to be riding outside the road rules will be subject to penalties under the Australian Road Rules. 

Be sociable and safe.


Signage and marshals

From start to finish there will be clear directional arrows and signage marking the route. Signs will also indicate when you are approaching a refreshment station.

There will be marshals (wearing fluorescent vests) along the route, riding bicycles and in vehicles, as well as at stationary posts. All volunteers and staff involved in the event will be clearly identifiable. The marshals do not have the authority to stop motorists; they are there for your safety and that of other road users. Please listen to and follow their instructions.


Event rules


In conjunction with the Event Terms and Conditions of entry for the BCBR, the following rules apply and will be enforced and the following information is provided to ensure the event runs smoothly and the experience for every participant is positive.

Every individual must register (including the second rider on a tandem).

Every individual must have a helmet that meets Australian standards, and be able to show the certified product sticker on their helmet when collecting registration packs.

It is the rider’s responsibility to be self-sufficient when participating in the BCBR Event. A rider is expected to be capable of performing a basic repair and having sufficient water and nutrition to complete their chosen distance. As a form of additional support – water and nutrition will be available at checkpoints by event organisers, and support vehicles will be on the course to assist with repairs.

This is a supported event. The support offered on the day will be:

·         Water and nutrition at checkpoints

·         Support vehicles patrolling the courses (no private support vehicles are permitted)

·         Ambulance/first aid on stand-by

·         Emergency telephone number to event organisers (provided in rider pack)

·         Courses signed to provide direction

·         Toilets are stationed at strategic locations

A rider is allowed to wear what they feel most comfortable in to participate in their chosen distance, provided they have a helmet that meets Australian standards.

 Self-awareness is strongly encouraged while participating in the BCBR Event. Things to be aware of in particular when cycling include:

·         Taking care and slowing down when descending

·         Listening to warnings from Road Marshals

·         Keeping left while cycling, and passing other competitors on their right when safe to do so

·         Communicating with other cyclists

Mobile phones are permitted (in case of an emergency to contact event organisers) however coverage is limited on some sections of the course. If in an emergency situation and coverage is not available, send a message to the next checkpoint with another rider. Alternatively, turn your bike upside down on the side of the road so a roaming patrol vehicle knows you need assistance.

A rider can transfer their registration to another participant in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Full refunds on a cancellation are considered on a case by case basis. See the Event Terms & Conditions for details.

Rider packs are to be collected on Saturday 17 Feburary or Sunday 18 February. Other details will be confirmed at a later date to registrants. The rider pack includes: course distance swatch, rider instructions, route map/directions (in case the rider becomes lost) and sponsor provided vouchers/items. It is important you bring your helmet with you to pick up your rider pack.

For safety reasons, you cannot be given your pack until your helmet has been sighted with the Aust Safety Standard Sticker. Participants are also required to ensure they are familiar with, and accept, the BCBR 2018 event terms & conditions upon registering for the event.